Brave Browser struggling on Twitch?

Hello, I have multiple times tried using Brave browser as it seems like the best option, but I am unable to get it to work 100% for Twitch. It will work fine at the start, but eventually the stream either stops the video and only output audio, or it stops entirely (seems like lag), or it will stutter. These are not issues I have on other browsers. If it were not for the Twitch issues I am encoutering I would use this browser for all devices. Anyone got any tips or help to fix this?

I’m not aware of any issues with twitch, Can you re-test in private mode? Does adjusting shields settings help? Also lowering quality to 720p might help if your GPU is struggling.

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Its kindof hard to reproduce as it normally does not happen right away, starts after a little while of watching. If I disable the shields completely on Twitch, will it then behave like a “normal” chrome? Im gonna test it again now to see if I can re-produce it and test with shields disabled.

If an advert is inserted in a twitch stream there might small “stutter” (of sorts) with shields up. Since we’ll attempt to nullify the advert when its actioned.

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