Issues with Brave and

Not so much of a bug report because I can’t find a clear indicator of what’s causing the issues, but will post it here in case other users are experiencing the same problem and we can figure out what’s going on.

Lately, when watching Twitch streams on Brave, they crash out of “nowhere”. Well, not actually out of nowhere, but usually when something is loading in another tab, either from the same profile, a different profile, or even in private window mode.

The player on Twitch page goes into an error with a red button that allows to refresh and fix it. But lately is has been happening a lot.
In my case I have the Twitch stream on the 2nd monitor, but I believe it also happens even if it’s on a non focused tab.

What platform/version of Brave are you using? Does this occur in private window mode?

Brave is version:
Version 1.29.81 Chromium: 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)

On Windows 7.

PS: Just noticed it’s not a Twitch problem only, but also if a Youtube video is playing, while other pages load the video freezes and then recovers, or freezes, goes to black and the recovers. So probably causing issues with the render or something.

Try disabling Hardware Acceleration in brave://settings/system and retest

Thanks fanboynz marked it as solution, have been trying the last 2 days with that disabled and apparently it did the trick. Haven’t seen Twitch or Youtube crashing again.

Thanks for the help.

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