Issue with only one Twitch Stream

Dear Brave community,

I am reaching out to you because I am experiencing an issue while viewing a Twitch stream in the Brave Browser, which does not occur in other browsers. The problem specifically occurs when I watch the Twitch streamer Minuself ( It manifests as follows:

  • When streaming content on Minuself’s Twitch channel, I encounter a frozen screen for several minutes while the audio continues to play. Additionally, the audio pauses for a brief moment every 4 seconds before resuming.

  • I have already cleared the cache in Brave and disabled extensions in an attempt to resolve the issue, but it has had no effect.

  • Upon inspecting the browser console, I have identified specific error messages that only appear on Minuself’s Twitch channel, while they are absent when watching other streamers. I have attached screenshots illustrating these errors.

Since the problem does not occur in other browsers, I suspect that it is specifically related to Brave. I have also updated Brave to the latest version as a precaution, but it did not bring any improvement.

I am reaching out to you for assistance in resolving this issue. Please if there are specific steps I can take to address the problem, tell me.

I thank you in advance for your help and support in resolving this issue.



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