Issue with" nProtect Game Monitor (Rev 245)"

Description of the issue:
I figured out an issue with Brave and “nProtect Game Monitor Rev 245”. As soon as “nProtect Game Monitor Rev 245” is running, Brave doesn’t work anymore. No pages are loaded anymore and it’s also not possible to open the browser configurations and so on. As soon as “nProtect Game Monitor Rev 245” is stopped, Brave works like expected again without restarting it.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install a game that runs “nProtect Game Monitor Rev 245” for example shotonline (
  2. Start Brave
  3. Start the game
  4. Try browsing any website in brave

Expected result:
No impacts

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.11.104 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)
Überarbeitung a6b12dfad6663f13a7e16e9a42a6a4975374096b-refs/branch-heads/4147@{#943}
Betriebssystem Windows 10 OS Version 1903 (Build 18362.959)

Additional Information:

You might try disabling Hardware Acceleration and seeing if that has any effect? If not let me know and I’ll ping a Dev who I believe is versed in this type of issue.
You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Thanks for the reply, I tried your proposal but it didn’t solved the issue.

This has been reported with a few other anti-botting softwares, unfortunately. They must not know what Brave is - so they’re trying to block access (since it’s a potential “threat” for botting)

Usually, those services are very weak. They often just check the executable name… which means you can rename brave.exe as chrome.exe and it would work just fine. The real fix would be to contact the company who owns the software and try to get them to create an exception for Brave. I’d be happy to open an issue if you can point me at a place to do that (not sure who owns nProtect Game Monitor or if they have a home page?)

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try this later on.

So the main company is and the product name is “nprotect gameguard”. Not sure if you will have success with contacting the company, but why not give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards

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