Used Brave for a few months, why I'm switching back to Chrome

Hello everyone.
After a couple months of using Brave, I decided to switch back to Chrome. Instead of just staying quiet however, I wanted to give feedback on why I’m going back, in hopes that those things can be fixed in the near future.

  • Overall compatibility.
    For some reason I feel like Brave isn’t as quite compatible as Chrome is with websites in general. A few things in some websites that work fine on Chrome just won’t work with Brave, for example video previews (the type where you hover over a video thumbnail to see a slideshow preview).

  • Adblocker inconsistency.
    In some websites that notoriously use adblock-blockers, Brave might work flawlessly without a problem. In other websites that should work fine too, ads are simply not blocked (for example, even with all block settings turned on.

  • Brave Rewards.
    Great in theory, didn’t do anything for me in practice. Maybe I just didn’t read into it well enough? Who knows…

  • Weird behavior
    Some websites behave weirdly. For example, I used Twitter a lot and somewhat once a week the Dark Mode setting resets and goes back to Bright Mode for no reason apparently. This happens with youtube too (also resets viewmode like grid and whatnot).

  • Multi-monitors bug
    So there’s a bug with multi monitors that from my research has been around for quite some time. First one is that when you drag a tab from one monitor to the other, this one tab becomes a new window (as expected) but all of the tabs also switch monitor.
    Another bug is a bit more specific, it has to do with DisplayFusion. If you have the middle-click set to switch the window to the next monitor, when you middle click to close a tab it closes it but also changes the entire Brave window to the next monitor.

Honestly I loved my Brave experience, I think it’s a breath of fresh air from using Chrome for so many years, but saving 1 second for each page load doesn’t seem worth having to deal with all those other minor issues.
Hopefully those things can be fixed eventually, when this happens I’ll be sure give Brave another shot!

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