90%+ of CPU and RAM used by Brave

Brave uses over 90% of RAM and CPU. It’s not usable and other programs aren’t, too.

This happens quiet often and since today is pretty bad.

I’d prefer to have a browser, which is stable (regarding usage of RAM and CPU) and in general. I cannot work with Brave.

Try test in private window mode, also ensure HW acceleration is enabled to avoid excess CPU load.

Sorry, I forgot to mention it. I did already before posting here. HW acceleration is enabled and I tried it in a private window too. Didn’t work any better. I’d love to post screenshots but it is so bad, I always need to restart my computer. Nothing works if I started Brave and wait a minute or so.

Screenshot the task manager within Brave (≡ → More tools → Task Manager)

Doesn’t work. My computer doesn’t react as soon as Brave is open. RAM and CPU are instantly high and everything freezes.

Maybe re-install? Try testing Brave Beta which uses a different profile

I think something has changed in Brave, because someone has the same / similar problem on windows.

Works for me, just follow my previous directions.

Yeah it’s an issue i will say

Good for you. It works for you probably because your computer doesn’t freeze. What kind of logic do you have? Just because it works in your environment doesn’t mean it works in mine too.

Just making a statement that there isn’t any widespread issue, but just trying to see where the fault is (Could be extension, profile or computer related). Working out which is the issue, then going from there.

Well, if Brave freezes and most people don’t have more browsers installed. How do you think they are going to post about the issue? If it wasn’t for 2 o3 additionally browsers I had already installed and already being registered here, you would only know about the issue on Windows. And mostly don’t register in a community for browsers or software in general. So how do you know? They will delete Brave and use something else instead.

First off, Brave isn’t without issue. I had my rewards suspended due to “irregular” or “suspicious” activity, and it took months for that to get corrected. Using Google through Brave also is not as robust as using it through Chrome, although you’ll make other sacrifices switching to chrome. Just wanted to throw that out there to solidify that I am not a Brave fanboy lol.

However your problem does seem more local to your machine. I have brave installed on three windows machines (one being a laptop) and an Android device. Don’t have any issues with resource usage and it works fine.

This seems malware related, although theres a small chance it could be a bad install of Brave, or some kind of incompatibility problem with your hardware…which is unlikely. At this point, uninstall and reinstall Brave. Also, and it’s not the most practical suggestion, but a sure fire way of knowing if this is peculiar to your machine is if you have another windows based computer, install brave on there, sync your account, and if it works fine, you know it’s specific to your machine.

I have no other machine. I am not using windows.
It’s not malware related. It’s not my machine. It’s also in the android version. And it seems at least one person here in the community has the same problem on windows. So all in all, three different machines, two different people, but same issue.
But “just for fun” I installed Brave new. Lost all my data (couldn’t save, because everything freezes when Brave is running). Well, isn’t better. Brave will freeze asap.

@shapeless Let me start back at square 1 here.

  • Which distribution of Linux are you using? (Like Linux Mint 21.2, Fedora 39, etc)

  • Where did you grab Brave from?

  • Any idea which version of Brave you’re using?

  • Can you create a new profile and test on it?

  • How about adding Brave Beta or Brave Nightly to see if they also have this issue?

Did you remove all data when you removed Brave? Just strictly uninstalling doesn’t always remove data. At least speaking from a Windows perspective. I’m not familiar with Linux at all, so just saying that with a grain of salt.

I haven’t had anyone experiencing issue on Android. And if you’re experiencing issue on both Linux and Android, would make me question a lot.

I know I haven’t used on Android in quite a while, but no issues on Desktop or iPhone. Also as I’ve been helping a lot of people here, on Reddit, in Discord, and a few other places…there’s not been a lot of reports similar to yours. And some who have had complaints were able to resolve it by making adjustments. For some, it was extensions. In others it was their graphics card. Yet another had to do a chkdisk and all on their OS and fixed some corrupt files there. Main point: Even with some issues having similar effects, they can and often do have different origins.

Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

Official brave packages: https://brave-browser-apt-release.s3.brave.com stable InRelease

Can’t check because starting Brave freezes everything. And I don’t know another way to check.

No, it freezes when starting brave. Don’t know how to do it otherwise.

Don’t if this would help.

In my opinion, that’s how it works with linux all the time.

Don’t know for sure. If starting again after it freezes, it makes something similar to checkdisk.

I have been dealing with almost similar issues as well. I am using a MacBook Pro M3 Pro and running the latest version of Brave. Last 3/4 days Brave has stopped working at any time. Once it happened even with only a new tab opened. Unlike @shapeless, my computer doesn’t stop working but the browser freezes. I tried to delete and download a new instance of Brave but it didn’t help.

Here’s a picture of the usage Brave is using on my PC.
Snímek obrazovky 2024-01-03 v 10.48.24

I have the same problem. My CPU usage climbs as soon as I open up Brave and my system freezes frequently… What changed. I’m now back using Chrome which is a shame, but I don’t experience the same problems using it.