Crashing on launch. windows 7, 64 bit

**Description of the issue: as in title. **
How can this issue be reproduced? keeps happening every time. it hangs on for a bit, I even get the notification that the browser closed and whether i want to reopen tabs. sometimes I get enough time to get to “about brave” and it iether confirms it’s all up to date, or says something like “cannot connect/confirm build, try again later” and then it closes yet again

  1. tried quitting/closing/force-quitting.
  2. tried uninstall, restart laptop, do a fresh install from with latest stable version for Win 7, 64 bits
  3. still having the same problem. cannot start browser, it crashes, sometimes right away, sometimes a few seconds after getting to the “splash screen/home page”

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): as stated, I did an uninstall and re-installed from latest version as directed at

Additional Information: it started happening all by itself. no changes made to laptop at all. no new software or anything else added or done to it.

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I’m experiencing the same thing.

I have the same problem since updating, and it’s still going.

thanks for adding. hopefully as more people reply and show the same problem someone will look into it.

thanks for adding your reply. I hope as more eople report it someone will take a look into this. it’s frustrating.

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come on now, there must be more people experiencing this and someone at the brave team looking into it, right?

Aug 4, 2020 sometime after 5:34 p.m. Brave browser stopped working. No updates to Windows 7 64 bit since July 19th. No updates to any other software in August. With the exception of Kaspersky.

Launching Brave a white screen flashes very briefly and then Brave closes. Have tried disabling GPU and sync - never used synch but ran the command anyways. This did not fix.

Moved all default files to another folder. Restarted Brave. White screen stayed on indefinitely. Task manager applications indicated Brave not working.

Restored computer to a restore point three weeks ago resarted. Did not fix. Started in safe networking mode did not fix.

TOR browser works. I will not use IE

I have not reinstalled Brave because I have read I will lose my BAT. Any solutions that I’ve not tried available other than reinstall?

The issue everyone is describing is very similar to the “Blank window” issue in Win 7 we used to have. Please try following the steps outlined here:

Hello I used the workaround listed above but it did not fix the problem. Is there any other suggestions on how to fix this problem?

I’m also facing same problem.

As if today I shutdown the system which was due for past 2 to 3 weeks and has been using brave consistently but today when brave stopped responding I tried to shut down and start again the brave started to crash suddenly when ever I run it. Whats the problem there are two windows which starts simultaneously and both are brave icons with some different set of symbols attached to there icon and then gets crashed.

Hi, thanks for the reply. No, that didn’t work. I’m currently using firefox as an alternative. other than this, nothing else to report at this time.
Wish I could put some type of report or crash dump, being as the browser closes itself almost immediately, I don’t see how to access any info in it, let alone try to get some dump file for you to dig thru. if you have instructions as to how to do that, I would like to give it a try.

use windows 10 is best

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