Brave Closes right after opening

Brave browser wont open.

  1. Open computer
  2. Open brave
    3.It opens slightly to a black or white screen and crashes.

It opens

Can’t check brave version won’t open

There was a windows update before this. I have already tryed uninstalling and reinstalling.

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Yea man same thing is happening to me

Been having the same issue. Worked fine last night, turn my computer on today and it refuses to start. Same issue has been happening with Tor and Opera GX. Only browser that seems unaffected for me is chrome.

idk im using opera GX rn and its working fine, google is 2 for me at least only happening on Brave

Thanks for reporting. A few direct follow up questions:

  • Can you tell me more about what you have enabled in the browser: Rewards, Sync, Wallet? - Any new extensions?
  • Did you enable any flags via brave://flags by any chance?
  • Can you check to see if there are any crashes reported using the following:

C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Crashpad

Thank you!

  • Rewards and Sync are enabled for me.
  • I did not make any changes to the flags previously, and couldn’t have done so afterwards since I can’t open Brave at all.
  • The Crashpad folder is empty.

Sync is on Not sure if rewards were on but I don’t think so

don’t know what flags are so none should be enabled

Crashpad is empty
(side note: I tried 2 open brave and then opened opera and my PC BlueScreened) not sure if its connected tho

I did not enable anything except ad block and there were no recent crash reports last one was 5 months ago so not related to this issue

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