New brave installation conflict with Chrome

Error: After installing brave, I immediately went to the brave home page and set up an account. The account set-up process had the obligatory verification process whereby I used my gmail account. I attempted to switch back to a chrome browser. As soon as I clicked on the desktop icon to initiate the browser, all fans switched to high, task bar went blank, desktop went blank except for the wallpaper. The screen began flashing about every 1-3 seconds. The mouse was barely moving. I attempted a normal shutdown. I was unable to raise the start menu for shutdown. I initiated a cold shutdown.


On the first reboot, the OS load was normal. After logging in, the above noted behavior re-initiated without further input. I performed another cold shutdown. On the second reboot attempt, the OS post had unusual fan activity but otherwise completed without issue. I was able to log in and find my way here. i was unable to begin a topic on the bug reporting forum. I have checked my hardware monitoring software; all cores are normal, RAM, fans, GPU, and PCU parameters appear normal. OC parameters appear normal. I have attempted to recreate the incident by opening Chrome again but it was unsuccessful.

P.S. Will update this thread if necessary.