Brave Browser cannot load pages with nProtect software running



When nProtect’s GameGuard software starts on my system I can no longer access any website through Brave Browser. The page does not load and the error “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong” appears.

In the gameguard wikepedia itself, it comments on being a rootkit program that monitors all computer memory, so it can interfere with other software.

Other browsers work normal, this experience has only happened with the Brave Browser.

This brave article discusses some possible causes and solutions, but none of them solved the use of Brave along with the gameguard.

How to get the bug
1 - Start a game using the nProtect software protection.
2 - When I load the game I open the browser.
3 - I write any site in the address bar and it is loading forever.
4 - I close the Brave and open again, I get the message “Aw, Snap!”.
5 - As soon as I close the game, the gameguard also closes and I can access the sites normally.


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