Issue with my bat on my browser


I come to you because I have an issue with my Bat. After an update of brave my browser indicated 0 bat but in the settings you can see 21.75

Could you correct this bug and send me the same sum of bat in my account please



Heya, Welcome to the community.

I’ll just copy and paste my answer and suggestion from here XD.

Ok, a few questions:

  1. Your BATs were just on the Browser or in the verified Uphold wallet?
    This is because once you linked your Browser to Uphold, the blue part will always shows the Uphold Balance, if you do a transaction, it will be reflected there, but I suppose you already know this.
  2. Have you changed the default Brave Reward’s Wallet’s Name in Uphold?
    Let me explain, some weeks ago, I had this exact same problem, due my trashy country have one of the worst internet in existence and that’s not a joke, making my Browser be disconnected, I was wondering what were happening, and searching a solution before asking here, I realized I changed the Wallet’s name to a custom one. I just renamed it again to “Brave Rewards”, then I disconnected the wallet from the browser, and reconnected, and it worked.
    So, My suggestion is: check your wallet’s name. And if it’s “Brave Rewards” already, change it to a custom, disconnect and reconnect, and again if that doesn’t work, change it back to “Brave Rewards”, disconnect a reconnect.
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My bat wasn’t migrate to uphold. the bat stayed in the brower.

so what is the solution ? I don’t have the option to connect the browser to uphold.

Ok, then I don’t know what else could be, maybe @Mattches could help you out.

I have seen this happen before and sometimes even happens to me. If it shows the correct amount in your Rewards settings then you should be all good – your BAT is there and you’re likely just seeing a UI hiccup.

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