Bug in browser and Uphold bat mismatch

Hi, I’ve posted here before and on reddit but received no answer.

I’ve had this problem for as long as I’ve been connected to Uphold. My browser shows 737 bat as of today. My uphold shows 382.

I’ve waited for almost a year (guess - have lost all sense of time due to lockdown) for a fix but it hasn’t come.

I discovered a bug in my browser and posted about it but got no response. I was able to give myself bat by clicking on add or withdraw funds and going to uphold. Everytime I did it, more bat was added to my my browser total. I clicked ctrl+f5 to see if this would fix it and it did but the bat remained.

However, I am unable to claim almost half of my bat with uphold. Some of this is bat from the bug but this leaves a huge amount of my own honestly earned bat unavailable for me to withdraw.

Could you please advise? I have contacted Uphold to see if the problem is on their side but I doubt they will find anything.

Sorry, reading back I seem to have included two issues. Changed title to show this.

Question is really - 1)how do I get my missing bat showing in Uphold?
2) Has anyone else reported this bug?

Hi @mudstick,
Please, send me a DM with the following:

  1. How many wallets/browsers do you have connected to Uphold?
  2. What OS/device are you using?
  3. What version of Brave are you on?
  4. A screenshot of the general info tab found at brave://rewards-internals/