Browser balance not showing up in Uphold


I received a monthly token grant and wondered why it isn’t showing up in my Uphold account (it is linked and verified!)

When I try to click on “withdraw” the Uphold site opens up and shows my empty wallets (the 34 BAT are not there)

Can someone help me with that?

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Same issue here Marvin. Hopeful someone can assist.

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Same issue right here, in my Uphold Wallet I have 1.3 BAT, but in brave it shows I have 5.0 BAT

i have the same things, i can see history of how much Bat i won but it shows nothing in my Uphold wallet.

Hi all - please be patient. The payout process has just begun.

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i can understand it but it’s the same for may payments


Are you sure it’s because of the payout progress? Because I had the same issue about 2 weeks ago with 12 BAT which are still not available for withdrawal.

I’ve claimed my June and May rewards and they show having a balance in my browser but they unfortunately have not shown up in mu uphold account.

I have had 47 BAT stuck in the browser wallet for over a year now. and people have been complaining about this issue long before that. brave once said they would have a fix for this in a browser update that long since came and went. I should note I only have this issue on the developer version of Brave. i would suggest getting used to the idea that you may never get that {stuck} BAT to your uphold account. you may have to find creative ways to solve this issue yourself.


Then i don’t see the point of being on brave browser… I mean it’s very practical but i dowload it basicly because i wanted to try this cryptocurrency thing…

then dont use it buddy

i have the same issue, it began last night and i figured i’d give it some time. however in my uphold there’s 1.5 BAT and the rest is sitting in rewards wallet and every time i go to click withdraw funds nothing happens just the same amount sitting in each wallet.

i have the same issue, i can’t claim my BAT and send it to my uphold account!


This issue has been going on for few months now. Look at what is sitting in my Linux Brave browser wallets but never sent to my Uphold account.

I haven’t seen any discussion regarding any known issues with Brave browser wallet in Linux not being sent to Uphold account. If there is any, please comment.

Yeah but it works more often than not. Most of the time I get my monthly payment of bat and even if I didn’t get bat the browser is sill great. Better than chrome imo.

I have the same problem with BAT rewards stuck on my Dev browser which can’t be sent to my verified uphold wallet. Very frustrating, when will there be a solution!?

As expected, this issue has nothing to do with the payout process. My funds of 34.3 BAT are still stuck and unavailable for withdrawal for nearly over a month now. I’d appreciate it if you look into this. Thanks!

Hi @Marvin2k0 - good to hear from you! Please DM me your Rewards Internals. Thanks!

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