Lost 135 BAT when I reconnected my uphold account

My wallet randomly disconnected from Uphold. On trying to reconnect it, my balance disappeared.

I’ve posted about this bug, and others have had similar issues, but I can NOT get a response on this. I’ve contacted several people at BAT and after a couple messages, they just quit responding. I don’t feel like that’s giving me a lot of faith if you’re not willing to address the issue. It’s been 5 months.

It’s been 5 months.

What is this?

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Hey there, Welcome to the community?

Ok, a few questions:

  1. Your BATs were just on the Browser or in the verified Uphold wallet?
    This is because once you linked your Browser to Uphold, the blue part will always shows the Uphold Balance, if you do a transaction, it will be reflected there, but I suppose you already know this.

  2. Have you changed the default Brave Reward’s Wallet’s Name in Uphold?
    Let me explain, some weeks ago, I had this exact same problem, due my trashy country have one of the worst internet in existence and that’s not a joke, making my Browser be disconnected, I was wondering what were happening, and searching a solution before asking here, I realized I changed the Wallet’s name to a custom one. I just renamed it again to “Brave Rewards”, then I disconnected the wallet from the browser, and reconnected, and it worked.
    So, My suggestion is: check your wallet’s name. And if it’s “Brave Rewards” already, change it to a custom, disconnect and reconnect, and again if that doesn’t work, change it back to “Brave Rewards”, disconnect a reconnect.


Thanks for the response!

  1. My BATs were on the browser. At one point, the browser disconnected from uphold, and when I attempted to reconnect it, is when I lost the BATs.

  2. I didn’t even know you could change your wallet name, honestly lol but no, I’ve never changed my uphold wallet name. I did try and rename it, then rename it back to Brave Rewards, but that did not effect the balance.

Thanks for your help, though! :slight_smile:

Ok, another thing I forgot if you don’t mind.

I asume that the 135 BATs were in the blue part of your Rewards page, right? Then:

  1. Do you have multiple devices using Brave?
    I see in the tags of the threat that you putted “Windows” and “android”. For example, It’s the first time I have my payout from my second device, but I’m just realizing that uphold creates another wallet for any device. But in the blue part, were my Uphold stuff should be showing, there’s just the info of one of them, the old one, the one I changed the name and stuff.

  2. If the previous answer is “yes”, which one is giving the problem, and also, how many time do you have with it and is it the first one you worked with or other?
    I’m also investigating this type of problem, maybe they have like a common issue.

Yes, they were in the blue part of the rewards page.

  1. I do have multiple devices using brave. They were sync’d, but it was during the time that syncing was just introduced.

  2. I encountered this issue on Windows. I’ve never encountered this issue on my android, and this is the only time it’s happened.

I’d like to point out that since I’ve posted about the issue, multiple people have come forward and said they’ve had a similar issue:

There’s plenty more in this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/k2o55h/i_had_135_bat_just_a_few_minutes_ago_my_wallet/

Well, I read about people here with the same problem too, I think the think could bee syncing with a different Wallet since you can have multiple wallets of the same currency.

Ok, I readed again the first answer, and another question came in my mind, when that anomaly happened, did the amount of Uphold changed? I mean, that thing should show the Uphold amount, but the important is your money in Uphold stay XD.

Welp, I think I’m out of Ideas, maybe any @moderators could help us out here.

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