Is this the right place to share my negative experienced with Uphold?

I am looking for a place, private or public, to send Brave with the bad experienced I had with Uphold. Can anyone advise me?

Thank you in advance.

Not sure but I think this is the right place as Brave is partly responsible. You are their client and they did decide to go with Uphold as a business partner so they are, in my opinion, partly to blame or, at the very least, should try and assist their clients with their Uphold problems.

With that said, I think you can forget about getting any support from Brave in regards to Uphold problems. They’ve turned their backs on thousands of their clients battling with Uphold/Gemini.

I have a fully verified wallet with Uphold but cannot withdraw my BAT. I must first make a deposit, which will cost me around $50, before I can withdraw my ±$45. All one big scam. Been speaking to Uphold for over a week now and they promised to get it resolved but the responses have stopped and nothing from Brave either so guess you are on your own with all these issues.

Honestly two of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Will in future go out of my way to tell everyone who’s willing to listen how bad Brave is.

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Seem like I have went through similar experienced as your regarding with Uphold. But, I did not have any issue with Gemini though.

Maybe you’re right that Brave doesn’t care about their clients regarding to the issue with Uphold. But I think if more people like us file a complain against Uphold, leave a feedback with Brave, and once it pile up by other users, Brave will think twice with Uphold. It will be worth a try because I do want to see more improvements with Brave. Time will tell.

Thank you for sharing!