Uphold it's not safe


I would like to send my BATs to binance.
I have read many negative reviews of uphold, especially of accounts blocked for no reason with money lost in thin air.

Furthermore, I would like to avoid having to register on an exchange only to then transfer the crypto to a safer or more suitable place for me.
Is it possible, always upon reaching a predetermined amount, to move the money to another platform?

Forgive my English

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Hi @ndbn89 if you’re a verified Creator you can use Gemini instead.

Non-Creators must wait for Brave to roll out the Gemini implementation into Brave Stable.

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If it’s any help, I also read those negative reviews, but I’ve had nothing but stellar support from the Uphold team when I had some account setup issues. Edit: Like SaereV I’ve also been sending other coins back and forth between uphold and other wallets.


I have to agree with @CGreen. Admittedly, I’m new to Uphold, but I’ve zero issues so far. (Edit to add, my experience goes beyond BAT, too, I’ve been buying and trading on Uphold with zero issues.)

I felt a bit nervous when I came across a few posts in Reddit, but I reminded myself it is Reddit. I looked up Uphold’s page at bbb.org - they’re ranked B+ and they seem to communicate when there is a problem. There also hasn’t been anything filed recently (this year).

I’m willing to give them a fair chance, but everyone should do what makes them feel most secure :slight_smile:

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Yes, so far I’ve had no issues with Uphold. I sent some funds from my Uphold Wallet to Coinbase just to see how it worked, and it went fine.

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