Uphold account "under review" (FULLY VERIFIED) - Uphold sends back my rewards but where do they go?

I’ve been using Uphold (fully verified) for my brave rewards for roughly a year without any issues.
However now Uphold has put my account “under review” with no further explanation than sending me the link to the FAQ.
Since my account is “under review” i cannot receive deposits. I can see in my activity page on Uphold that Uphold has sent back my latest reward payout. But i cannot see this in my brave wallet/rewards page. Where did the BAT go?
I’ve now linked my account to Gemini instead.
The “missing” BAT that Uphold sent back - will this autmaticly get sent to my Gemini account?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Firmfirm, have you reached out to Uphold support directly?

Hi! Yes i have. Unfortunately they have not answered my open ticket in 15 days. The last reply i got was a link to the FAQ…

What did they say the reason for suspension was?

That is the weirdest part. I did not get a reason. This is a direct quote from their latest reply on my ticket

As a regulated financial services business, we’re required to perform ongoing risk and compliance reviews. Based on new information, we regret to inform you that we can no longer offer you an account. For further information about why we have to make those decisions, check our FAQ.

We have updated your account functionality so you can now remove your remaining balance. Please note that depending on your selected destination we may request additional information before the funds can be removed. Your account will be closed afterwards.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

They did not even answer on the question on where my BAT is going…
Again, I’m fully verified on Uphold and have been for over a year…

E: I’m a Swedish citizen (KYC’ed with linked bank accounts).


Remove your bank details and consider using an external wallet and importing it in until Brave is able to stand by by their integrity concerning earnings. I almost signed up for Gemini but the demand for real name and ID Card kind of scared me. It is a wallet should you know my home address.?

For just browsing, reddit and tipping creators its a little too much.


Just so you know, that’s what they are talking about. Gemini and Uphold are custodial wallets on an exchange. They exist outside of Brave. Your Rewards either get paid to your account on Uphold/Gemini or it pays to your browser where it remains.

Because exchanges like Gemini and Uphold are basically banks. Governments require them to do what is called KYC/AML, which mandates they verify who you are and that you’re not a terrorist or some criminal trying to launder money. They also have to report to the government how much money you’re getting in terms of crypto assets.

If that’s all you’re doing, you don’t have to do any of that. You just use the browser. If you want to use Brave Rewards, you use the BAT delivered to your browser to tip content creators. The only time you need to provide all of your information is if you’re trying to remove BAT from the Brave ecosystem to convert to cash or whatever else.

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Uphold, just like Brave and many businesses, will not tell you exactly what happened for them to flag/suspend/ban your account. The reason for this is they don’t like to educate people on how they got caught, as otherwise it just teaches people how to avoid it in the future.

If it had been because of changes in your region, they would have said as such. However, your type of notification means you violated their Terms in some way or another and were deemed a risk. Their FAQ advises you of why they block or restrict accounts. As it sounds, they finished their investigation and just are deciding not to want to offer you an account anymore. Perhaps fitting under:

We identify a high-risk customer: In simple terms, high-risk customers pose a higher risk to our users and Uphold than others. There are a few reasons why someone may be classified as such. Sometimes we’re told by another financial organization or the regulator that an account has been linked to financial crime elsewhere. In that case we’ll restrict the account on our side to assess the risk and decide on next steps.

Always depends on where the BAT was. Did they close/suspend the account prior? I mean, if it didn’t show there, then it means might have happened before. If that’s the case, it can be somewhere in the middle of travel and eventually needs to bounce back to Brave. I’m sure Steeven is trying to look into things a bit more, but he’ll be limited on what can be done, if anything.

Yep, and then for some reason they determined your account could not continue due to risk and compliance reviews. You’ll need to take that up with Uphold, if anything can be done. Otherwise sounds like you just can’t use that anymore and either have to try Gemini or you’re kind of out of luck in terms or getting BAT to be transferred outside of the Brave browser.

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These things iknow. And this is something everybody says but I have not done anything wrong, I have not been participating in any fraduelent behaviour. I mean I’m not dumb as a bowl.
IF i wanted to do something “fishy” I would not do it on a site that has my full social security number and a picture of my passport… :slight_smile:

While an account is under review, no deposits are allowed. This is the transaction ID where Uphold sends my “BAT back to Brave”
Reservechain transaction ID bd3ae835-b28f-412d-b19d-dbd66710bb3b

What pisses me off is their lack of communication. And the lack of replies… After my account was put “under review” i opened a ticket. 10 days later i get an answer that a “specialist” will contact me. A few days later i get that message from the “specialist”, sending me a link to the FAQ… I mean COMON.
After that, over 15 days of silence. And no answer on the highlighted question " Where did my BAT go".

In my personal point of view, Uphold is not the service they promised to be. So people stay away, use Gemini instead.

E: I’ve only used Uphold for BAT rewards and tried some small survey sites (That are connected with Uphold) - sent some small sums from these to my bank account (roughly 300$) and this was done over 9 months ago, over a period of roughly 3months.
Their complaince department should check their info a liiitle bit better.

But back to my original question, where does my BAT that bounced from Uphold go ?

Should go back to Brave if they didn’t accept it. But there’s little things to go on. Like where Steeven asked why your account was suspended. If it’s found you’re committing fraud and all or that governments were laying claim to things, then there’s not much anyone can do for you. So many little details. And usually any issue relating to Uphold or Gemini is a low priority here as it’s for you to reach out to their support.

As to trying to track your payments and to see if it’s missing, we could have advised you to just submit a Support Ticket so they could look into it a bit. If it’s available and your account here on Brave doesn’t end up flagged because of what they find, then you’ll get the BAT assuming it didn’t arrive and stay with Uphold.

For the last friggin time I have not done anything illicit/illegal, stop making it sound like I have!

As stated before, Uphold haven’t told my anything, just pointing me to their FAQ.

Again, no my account won’t be flagged for there is nothing to flag for.
So i will get the BAT back, all I wanted to know. Thanks !

I didn’t. I explained the process and what people are looking at. Keep in mind you’re not the only person reading what we put here. Often as trying to answer questions, I try to provide as many details as I can so that people in similar situations can have a better understanding.

If I thought you did something wrong, I’d have just told you that you’re out of luck and would have essentially said “good riddance.”

Yeah, which is what I was also making a reference to. If you look at their FAQ it mentions.

  1. In the rare case where we decide that we can no longer offer you an account, we’ll do our best to explain why. But as outlined above, there are certain instances where we can’t disclose the reasons due to legal constraints.

  2. On fairly rare occasions, we’ll block an account that looks suspicious but after investigating find there’s a perfectly reasonable (and legal) explanation for the activity. When this happens we unblock the account and apologise to our customer.

So just have to run with an open mind of things. Can’t expect or think negatively of you at all. Yet at the same time, know that Uphold saw some sort of issue and we don’t know what. This means no presumed guilt or innocence, but rather just dealing with what facts we have and having to spell out what happens based on all possibilities.

So best side is they give you your account back, the transaction might process, and all is good.

Neutral is Uphold will be douches but your BAT come back and you stay active with Brave and can keep earning through Brave Rewards

Worst case is did something wrong and it results in your account getting flagged here as well.

Again, not talking YOU specifically, but just summarizing for others. And like said, usually have to deal with Uphold for Uphold matters. Brave has very little input on anything going on there. So yeah, they’ll mainly just track your payment.

I’m with you now ,sorry.

Just felt for updating this thread with some more info.
Uphold did not answer my Ticket, instead they closed my account instantly after i transfered my BAT away from them.
Problem is now that my BAT is gone… The withdrawal got confirmed on Uphold’s side but they did never sent it further to my wallet.

So again folks, stay faaaar away from Uphold and their so called “service”.

Edit: Here you can read alot about how Uphold treats their customers - and in some cases taking their money;

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