Please Stop using Uphold?

Why is uphold the only company that works with Brave Rewards? I have had nothing but issues trying to withdraw BAT from Uphold and linking bank accounts to Uphold since July-2020. Uphold’s web app is a dreadful experience and I am begging for another company to step in and run uphold out of town. I love Brave. I have been a fan since its beginning. But uphold has ruined any good experience I would have had with the Brave Rewards. And its obvious from Upholds reviews that they don’t have their *&^ together.

Creators ( have the option of using Uphold or Gemini today. We’ll be adding more options for Brave Users in 2021. If you have feedback regarding the UI/UX of Uphold’s service, please consider writing them. In my experience, they are very responsive. In fact, I saw a thread today where a user on Twitter had issues with their UI/UX, and Uphold had responded within minutes:

Thanks @sampson. I have been in contact with Uphold since July trying to get my bank account linked up(This is one and my final issue to work out). Yea since July and we have been talking via email -that is not my issue at least. The issue is 100% on their end this I know based on the communication between me and my financial institute and knowledge of how web apps work. And if anybody takes a second to look up reviews for Uphold or even just a search on reddit(or other social media sites) its obvious that they are having issues with this project.
I am a fan big fan of Gemini. Those twins are going to do it right. For the record, I really -honestly hope Uphold makes it too. I know they just upgraded their web app so bugs happen. But dang since July -I never had this hard of a time giving my money to an exchange!
Okay, I’ll stop wasting your time with this. I appreciate the reply, that is great to hear, and I will never stop using/supporting brave… unless they go the way of mozilla? LOL? Yea I wasn’t laughing at that situation either.

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