Uphold is Rubbish - Get a Better Wallet

I cannot get through the verification process with Uphold. It is just rubbish. I should be able to upload scanned documents to verify. A horrible first impression as a supporter of the platform and concept.

Get. A. Better. Wallet!

As a result of this experience I am trading all of my BAT tokens. An extremely bad taste left in the mouth!

Have you taken the time to read a little bit on this community before posting? If you have, you will know that there is general agreement here that Uphold is not good. You will also know that Brave will add the possibility to verify with Gemini in the next few months (Q2 they say). But I suspect you didn’t take the time to read before submitting yet another post about how bad Uphold is and this is all new to you.

I read the comments broadly and was aware of Gemini. I posted twice as I took the time between to do further research before trading off my BAT.

Uphold is rubbish - this message needs to be sent loudly and clearly. As a result, for anyone wanting to use Brave to obtain rewards, it is currently a horrible user experience. No wonder that BAT continues to flatline… That said, I hope that Brave learns it’s lessons from the multiple user comments denouncing Uphold and improves their platform accordingly. I sincerely hope that it achieves success.

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