Alternative ways to collect rewards

I really love using Brave Browser but sadly I feel quite excluded from the reward system because Uphold is really not working for me and I had a very unpleasant experience with their support they are terribly understaffed.

I did see that you’re planning to add Gemini as an alternative which is a step in the right directlion but when I went to their site to open an account I got a notice that they are not offering their services in my country yet.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be more convenient to be able to send directly my BAT to my Binance account or any wallet of my choice?

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yes, Binance would be the right option because 2 days ago uphold blocked my account and told me they can’t offer me service anymore. The issue is not only with me it is also with my some friends.
@steeven and @Mattches please do something because uphold is useless. Binance will be the right option for withdrawal.


I also have an uphold wallet how with 33 BAT in it. How do I withdraw the BAT and transfer to another wallet. Brave doesnt have support anymore, as its been 3 weeks since my support ticket was opened. I dont want fiat, I want to withdraw the 33 BAT and transfer to another wallet if possible

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We are aware of the desire for additional custodians and are working on it, as you evidenced by pointing out that we will include Gemini as an option for user wallets very soon. While apologize that it is not available in your region, this will still be the first additional wallet option we add so for the time being, Uphold/Gemini are your options.

That said, you only mentioned that you had a bad experience/isn’t working for you. Can you elaborate? I am happy to reach out to our Uphold contacts and see if there is anything we can do to ease your Uphold situation.

I appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm. As I explained above, right now the options will be Uphold and soon Gemini. The team is very well aware of the desire for additional options – point received and posting and commenting how much you dislike Uphold will not make the process move any faster.

I only see that you’ve opened two topics here on Community. If you can open one and include the information requested in the template I’d be more than happy to assist you. Please post it in the #brave-rewards:rewards-support category.

Thank you.

Thanks @Mattches but it will be nice if brave International will create their own exchange or wallet then this will be very helpful for us because you guys at least give response to our query. Or Binance will be nice option to collaborate with.

Those things would be nice and if I could simply wave my hand and magically make it so I absolutely would. Unfortunately there are a multitude of considerations, laws and restrictions that need to be tackled first, as well as all the technical/development requirements/work needed.

We will continue to try and provide as many user options as possible. In the interim, Uphold (now) and Gemini (very, very soon) are your options for wallet custodians.

Thank you.

Sure, I can elaborate, I have been trying to open account for several weeks, I went through the regular verification procedure that I go with any financial organization. Used the app to take the photo of my id and then the selfie, everything normal. But then seconds later my account was under revision, I waited for a week then I wondered what was going on so I contacted support asking about it, I think I waited 2 weeks until I got a reply saying there was an error and I should do it again, so I did and I got the same notification that my account was under revision.

I wrote very politely to ask what was going on I assumed maybe my photo was blurry or dark, but after several days I got a reply saying they would forward my issue to an “specialist” after waiting some days more I got a really tough message saying that they are locking my account and linked me to a FAQ for the reasons why they do that. I reviewed them and all were very serious and offensive accusations, practically insinuating I’m some sort of a criminal.

Obviously that shocked me and offended me so I asked them to please clarify what made them think that, also in that FAQ said that they would provide a detailed explanation to the client in cases like that and in case of a false positive they would provide an apology. But I did not get any explanation whatsoever about why they have such a negative opinion about me nor an apology. I offered to cooperate to troubleshoot the issue because I’m was convinced it could be a technical issue but after several back and forth communications I kind of feel like they were profiling me because of my nationality and that really bothers me.

I’m an economist, I’ve never in my entire life broke the law and I have been doing investments with several financial organizations throughout the world for decades, this is the first time a company has ever been this rude towards me.

Thank you for the information and I do apologize for the inconvenience. Can you please send me a DM with the email address you use to login to your Uphold account so I can reach out to our Uphold reps?

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