Is it possible for me too connect my binance account to brave and redeem BAT through there

Is it possible for me too connect my binance account to brave and redeem BAT through there

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No, you cannot
You have to first transfer it to uphold then you can send it to your binance account.
Also, new wallet coming which is Gemini

can you explain more what you mean, i dont understand

I mean you’re asking if you can link binance account to your brave wallet so that you can redeem your rewards.

So the anwer is not “you can’t just connect your binance to brave wallet. As brave can only link to uphold only as of now.”

Also, one more wallet is coming which is Gemini

Sorry, but you can’t link binance to brave.

Only way to get in binance is that you have to first take in uphold and then transfer it to binance.

so i need too make a seperate gemini wallet to transfer it

Uphold isn’t a good wallet. Their reviews are bad but that’s the only option left but if you can wait for some time then there would be a better wallet that is coming soon.

and yes, you have to first withdraw bats to uphold then you would be able to send it to your Binance.
Anyway, check the transaction fees also. I heard it’s too much

transaction fees??? i only have like a fiver, this is a scam

What do you mean by word “scam” ?
I just said there are some fees for converting your bat into another currency

not like an actual scam, im using it to express my feeling of bullshittery thats going on

You mean like only having one way to withdraw money?

Do you know when the Gemini wallet will be implemented?

It’s gonna take long (probably 2-3 months).
I would suggest just keep collecting your bat.

Is there any other way for me to withdraw my BAT? Whenever I try to click verify wallet it doesn’t work, and the options to withdraw/add funds are always grayed out.

convert it to trx then send your other wallet. lesser fees man

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