Can I get BAT rewards to Binance (alternative to UPHOLD)

As an alternative to Uphold, can we get our BAT rewards in Binane, otherwise, our BAT’s are useless


I dont think there is any option to directly receive your payments to binance but u can still withdraw your balance from uphold to binance, if you think the withdrawal fees is too high then you can convert it to trx /xrp /and then send it to binance and vice versa.
But it would be great if brave adds the option to receive payments directly to binance tho .


Thank you cryptonite. I was hoping for an alternative to UPHOLD since they’re not allowing me to open an account


How do i send bat to a binance account?

You can’t sent BAT directly to a Binance account. The only type available is Uphold. You can transfer from your Uphold account to your Binance account, but check the transfer fees before you do so.

how do i do that im kinda new to all this

I honestly know nothing about Binance, so I’m unable to help. Perhaps another user will respond.

not to worry think i found a easy video thanks so much tho :slight_smile:


Would be nice to have bat rewards go straight to onchain wallet, maybe this summer, who knows what eth2.0 will bring

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