Transfer BAT to anyone other than Uphold?

I have been accumulating brave rewards for some time now and have around 48 BAT in my browser wallet. I tried to verify my account with Uphold but my verification failed and they refuse to open my account. I failed their automated system check and they won’t even look at my original documentation to show I’m who I say I am.

So now I’m in a bind as I cannot have an Uphold account and as best I can tell there is no way for me to extract my BAT outside of the browser wallet without an Uphold account. Am I correct or is there a way to transfer BAT to another provider like Binance, whom I have an account with?

There will be another wallet added soon (Gemini) which will also require KYC to be completed and it might be easier/harder to complete, depending on region you are from - once that is out and added to Brave stable releases then you will be able to link your Gemini wallet to Brave and get the BAT out, other than that, there isn’t any other way to get this BAT out apart from giving it away as donations/tips to other websites

Yes, as @BumbaLumba said, Gemini is getting introduced very soon. So if you want you can get KYCed right now if you want to…
Keep in mind that Gemini requires Passport to be bale to get verified.

Also a suggestion, if you have an alternate mail I’d, create a new account on Uphold and try to get that account verified.
I believe you got denied because you might have entered the wrong number from your I’d.

Awesome thanks for this info @ItzMeRajat and @BumbaLumba. This is very helpful and I’ll start the process with Gemini and retry Uphold. Hopefully I get some joy out of either :pray:

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