I'm posting a quick video to describe my problem exactly

I have asked on here several times. But I am not sure the mods understand what I’m describing. So here it is easy to see. I can only see the brave ads when I lock my computer and log back in. I have been on this for 4-5 months now.


could that be in your notifications section?

I don’t believe so. I have messed with my notification settings so much it has never changed. I have tried deleting brave and reinstalling it 3 times now.

I just had to accept “Notifications” from this Brave forum, I clicked yes and it gave me a notification that you had replied

I get notifications from brave browser. That isnt an issue. I get notifications when you reply as well. Or if someone says something on facebook. But never any notifications for ads. Unless I do as i did in the video.

Ok see what your saying. I know this is not the answer but I just have to say it so please dont take ir as if I am saying your sillly. But have you go in to “Rewards Settings”

Yes, I have gone into rewards settings. I have the slider set to on and it is set to 5 per hour. I live in the USA. Windows 10. Brave browser is up to date.

stab in the dark, do you have Brave as your defult browser?

ok bro, It defently seen like it is something on your computer, a setting or something.

I want to agree with you. But I have done soooo much googling for a setting that involves push notifications only appearing after a computer is logging in. I have not came across any solutions or answers to this. I have probably spent at least 12-14 hours on google over several days looking up information and trying all kinds of solutions. Its especially weird because it only has a problems with the ad notifications. Nothing else.

you can also right click the lock or symbol in the address bar ( but that is for websites) so other I am out of ideas bro, sorry.

I hearing ya bro, frustrating.

have you tried removing your log in password? and go from there?

I have a desktop computer ( this is my laptop) and with desktop i think it might be the same, yes the desktop has a password and I dont think i get ads there…trial no password for a few days bro

No this solution did not work either.

Bummer, I will rattle my brain and see also. But as you said you have spent hours googling.

@thekoolkorean Can you try making another Windows User account then try browsing using Brave. Don’t restore any wallets and just enable brave rewards, create a new wallet, etc. Just to test if what you’re experiencing has something to do with how you have set up your Windows User account. If make a new Windows User account, all will be on its default settings, right?

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