Not had a single ad all day and been browsing constantly since installing Brave browser?

Installed Brave Desktop browser… and not had a single ad all day and been surfing the web constantly for hours.

I’ve followed all the usual workarounds but no success.

Enabled Rewards set to 5 an hour.
Enabled notifications and notification for Brave
Disabled focus assist
Even checked with a website that was in one of the instructions to check i was receiving notifications which worked no problems…
But still showing as 0 ads in rewards and can confirm not had one pop up in notifications.

No idea how to resolve this as i’ve done everything i can see on the internet to resolve this is it broken for everyone ?

I’m in UK and checked to see if ads are available.
Also getting push ads.


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Also clicked to get live notification when people reply to me and this popped up right away so i’m able to receive notifications no problems.

Are you looking in the lower right corner for the grey box and then clicking on it?

Funny how this forum doesn’t work on the brave browser mobile, I had to switch to safari to allow cookies… ermmmm

I’ve uninstalled about 3 times checked all the settings you name it i’ve tried it and still not one ad.

0_o any ideas to resolve this ?

Same problem but first 10 days I got ads after that I did not receive a single ad . I also need help :no_mouth:

I’m not sure if anyone still comes by here ? I’ve messaged mods also not have any feedback yet.

@steeven Can U help us ?

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I believe it’s possibly tied in with not getting any push notifications either or very scarce.

And i spent all night trying to resolve this also.

So far I sometimes get them from Reddit.
Never get them from Yahoo mail
Never get them from this forum.
Never get them from Youtube.

I’ve done everything and i know I can receive them as i’ve tested with this website
and receive them instantly… so It would appear i need to manually push the notification to receive ?

I’m having the same issue, I havent gotten an ad all month on my windows computer

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