Never thought I'd say this but how do I actually get the ads?

I set the ads to play the max amount (5 per hour) and after four or five hours I’ve yet to see any of these ads. What exactly is browsing considered to be in Brave? Is it actively scrolling with your mouse wheel, opening new pages or watching Youtube videos? Regardless, if it’s any of these the ads are still not showing up for me.

Does Brave only show ads if you’re using a supported website?

My OS is Windows 7, not 10.


I also set up for 5 per hour yet for 2 days straight I didn’t receive any ads, do we have to have the ads blocker off or how does this work? Or does it actually work?

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@hive @CactusJack,
Thanks for reaching out.
Yes, they do work – we are having some reports of users not receiving ads even with correct settings.

I notice you’re both on Win10 systems, have you checked Focus Assist?
Focus assist is a feature of Windows 10 for managing when and how notifications will be displayed on your machine. It’s essentially a “do not disturb” mode that may be blocking notifications from showing on your end.

You can find and adjust this setting on your Windows 10 machine by going to Settings --> System --> Focus Assist or by clicking on the notification center in the task bar.

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Sorry, now I feel a little stupid.

The machine in question is actually running Win7 not Win10. My mistake! Cannot find any analog to Focus Assist at the moment.

I’ll update the main post, too.

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Happens to the best of us!
Can you tell me what your language setting is currently? Also, are you US based?

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I have the attached settings on the assist, so I should of received notifications

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The language settings are all english, I’m in America.

Something new which has just started happening - I’m getting ad notifications at the bottom right of my screen. Only when browsing the Brave Community, though.

Is that what the reward-based ones look like, too? It’s hard to determine if they’re working now or not. In either case clicking those notifications doesn’t reward anything.

So, is this working on Windows 7? or just on W10?

It’s not working as of yet.

The OS was Windows 7, I don’t actually have a Win10 to test it on.

Too bad if these ad programs can only work on W10. In my case it implies to invest in a new machine.

@CactusJack Ads notification should be shown based on the Catalog, if a catalog is available then Ads should popup for the visited websites. After opening the website, did you kept page idle for 15 secs to see Ads notification?


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Sorry, I’m still new to this.

What is the catalog? Where can I find it? I’m trying to search it both here and in the “About Brave” section by way of the magnifying glass icon and I cannot find anything.

@CactusJack As and when user browse, over certain period of time generates the interest categories and the ads are triggered over those categories available in the catalog. Can you please check this whether catalog is empty or Ads are available for your region?

If it’s empty, Ads are not available. Ideally for supported regions Ads should be available (US, Canada, UK, French and Germany)


I am in the US.

Your link seems to be broken. When I copy that URL to a new page I get a massive wall of text that looks like the coding for the page but not a clean thing a non-coder could read.

I am having the same issue I’m in the US it worked for the first day after installation and verification but has not worked since. The link provided did not work.
****Is there a verified website with Brave ads that you can direct me to the test whether this is working or not?**.

I stopped recieving ads too. I got them for about 2 days then they just stopped

Im on windows 10. Mind you, it stopped working for two separate machines I use.

For Windows 10 users, please check this thread for additional troubleshooting steps:


I think it’s cool how Win10 users have some solutions but I guess Win7 is a lost cause or something at this point?

@CactusJack Thanks for checking. The link provides the Ads catalog information if ads are supported for the Regions. In the below image you can see Ads Title, Payload, Segment and lot of other details associated with Ads. If Ads are not supported, the provided link should return with empty results.


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