NO BRAVE ADS no rewards

I’m using barve browser , But I have never encountered this problem before.
I use brave multiple software on windows 10, and i get ads notification always 15-20 one time, i mean always i see 15-20 ads notification on my windows notification bar, but after this update 1.23.71, the system are not work, i run in background my all brave and get all brave ads before, but the 4 days I’m not get ads notification like before, i receive only one ads and i see the ads in my windows 10 notification bar, why this problem? My windows notification + brave ads service all is ok, still the same problem, now the situation is if i use the brave browser after will the ads is come, if i just run in background the ads will not come, i test my all brave notification but all is ok, just problem with brave rewards,
Please help me
How can i solve it?
@steeven @Mattches

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I believe you need to have the browser open and active in order to see ads – running it in the background is likely the cause of the issue.

Also, unless I’m not understanding correctly, the ads appear in your Notifications center but do not appear as push notifications – is that correct?

no ads are niether in notification center nor as push notification

since the last update i got bat from sponsored images for a couple of days, since yesterday its ruined again. how come this happens every 2-3 days?

Can you please try not running it in the background and see if you get the intended behavior?

There may not be anything wrong with what you’re seeing. Please check that there are campaigns still running in your region and recall that these sponsored images have a daily cap as well.

Same like @Mance here.
New tab page ads don’t give BAT, they are running in my region and I didn’t reach the daily cap because I got the last 0.01 BAT yesterday.

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