Im not recieving brave ads

so i sarted trying this browser becase so many people told that its so much safe than others, ok, that is cool, bu they told also that you can get rewards from it, so here i am but im niot recieving any BAT and any ads and idont know why, and i turn on the rewards section and ads section like 5 times al ready


ok, so you are a new user? (i have to copy this to use it like template xd).

Seen ads depend on:

  • The active campains in your region (you can check here the active campains on your region:
  • The number of announcers
  • Your searching activity (similar of when you search some product on google and then you see ads everywhere of that product).

Also the configuration of “5 ads per hour” really means “up to 5 ads per hour”, it´s a limiter to avoid spam, so it doesn´t assure you that you will receive exactly 5 ads every hour.

And for the main moment, lots of users are reporting this in different countries, this according to admins is due to a update on the ads catalog, it should be fix in a couple of days.

pd: do you speak spanish? i ask because of your name xd


ok awesome, yes i do speak spanish, im chilean, so thats why my english its kind of basic and without the best grammar but, it can be understood easy… i believe.
And i already did that thing of html notification, and turn on the notefication wherever, sooo ill wait


There is a way of pushing ads manually trough catalog, until it will be fixed, but it’s a hassle.

what that’s mean -manually trough catalog?

I haven’t seen a single ad in 5 days. I use to get them on a daily basis. Now I get zero; with no answer to why. It’s a shame, getting BAT was a huge selling point for me to switch from Chrome to Brave. I even purchased BAT from uphold. Then, a few days later this happens. :frowning_face:

Interesting. By the way, you know the difference between: v1, v2, and v3?

I mean the links:

They all show different data. I’m just asking because i’m curiouse. Or they are 3 due to the 3 types of browsers (dev, stable and nightly)


I think they’are different connection versions for different patches, v1 - Patch1 etc, v1 catalog is empty so everything is now on v2, then v2 will be empty and v3 becomes the main.

My post btw is a simple test to see if ad connection is there.


Same here, i am from Brazil and i use brave for some time now, almost a year i think, and from the first day till now i never received an ad from brave, i even got some bat’s, even without seeing any ad, and now with the sponsored images they appear with some regularity to me but i received no revenue from them, have this happened with any of you guys? Oh btw, i receive ads on my phone, cant understand why i never received it on my desktop browser.

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Everything is random for me this month.
Few ads, no ads, one ad for PC, couple for Phone.


Virtually nothing for me too.
Even tried the suggestion of turning ads off and back on again, then reselecting 5 ads/hr. didn’t make a difference.

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I presume you are from UK / US?

Same here. So far, I found no solution to this problem. I’m not sure if they’re going to fix this issue or that the issue will fix itself. I switched over from Chrome because of the ad blocking and earning BAT from ad views. Currently, these two things are not working so well for me. If it doesn’t get fixed, I’m probably going back to Chrome as my main browser.

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Yes, from UK

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Im not recieving too.

Same here in Argentina. Ads quantity per day is tending to zero. It is getting worse every day.

Still no ads.
Is anyone looking into this?

What’s going on lately? No ads :frowning:

Same for me, haven’t received a single ad from Brave since I signed up. Everything is configured correctly and notifications get received fine from various websites, just no ads at all. Bit of an anticlimax to find one of the two major selling points of switching to this browser does not in fact work. I’m from UK.

Edit: I have brave on my mobile too and I do get ads there.

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3 dias sin recibir avisos en argentina. Alguna solucion??? como son las publicidades manuales?

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