Brave Browser - See ads but no BAT

I just started to use this browser(yesterday) and I started to receive BAT as well but after I open uphold account(now verifying) BAT receiving stopped. I do still see the ads and also shows on the 7-day ads history as well but not a single BAT. :frowning: Please help. Thank you.

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Welcome to the brave community friend!

Ok, Are you concious about how the ads work?

There appear just 4 per hour that will give you bat (You can spam open new tabs in when the hour passes), after that, ads will keep appearing but won’t give you BATs.

I readed here that the limit of recieving BATs per day is 20 or what your country catalogue (Which I don’t know how to see) is exhausted. Eljuno is a Brave Moderator, so it’s true.

Also, when that happens could be your internet connection, the ad will show but won’t give you BAT, I suggest if that happens to open tabs until the ad appear, wait a second, then open a new one and check if the BAT is rewarded.

And theck this thing is activated, or the system won’t give you BATs:

And I suggest to enter in the button at the right of that and pur the ads 5 per hour

Hope it helps.


i haven’t seen any ads today.

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