Probleme to receive Add

Hi, i’m using Brave since 3 days but i didn’t receive any ads. I have the notification enable. But i never receive any ads. I live in France. Is it normal?


Yes this very normal I used the mobile browser for a about a month and still going strong with no ads and lighting fast search. They have been true to there word. So yes it’s very normal. Below is a group from Reddit who can’t believe it either. Have a good day @Larito
Also @Larito you have to OPT-INTO the AD program also.

i have already activated the ads i had put 5ads per day but i didnt receive anything

up i didnt solve my problem.
Capture dzadza

UP i downloaded brave beta and i receive an add after 5 minutes of uses. But i never receive add with brave after 7 days of use. I dont know why ^^?

Problem solved it was the extension of 360 total security. It bloqued all the notif