Receiving ads but not receiving BAT

I’ve had Brave for a few days now and have been receiving any BAT. Do I need to click on the ads? I did try with a few but nothing has shown up. I am having the same issue on my iphone using Brave as well as Mac.

On top of this a much more clear description on how to make and maximize BAT would be appreciated. I have it set to 5 per hour max.

Please see our troubleshooting guide and ensure you have your system set up correctly:

To confirm, you are seeing ads though, correct? If so, you will not be paid out in BAT until the 5th of every month (for ads). Until then, you can see how many ads you’ve viewed and the estimated earnings from viewing them in Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads

Thank you for the quick reply. As I said, I am receiving ads and was aware that however Brave begins to figure out what ads to show me might take time but that wasn’t the concern because I am receiving ads so thats not the issue. The issue is i’m receiving ads and its not being reflected in my ads seen or rewards tab and yes my ads tab is turned on.

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