Not recieving ads

Hello, I tried everything but it still doesn’t work.
I litteraly have 0 ads since 5 months for no reason (I really tried everything they say to try before writing this message) but I still have some BATs (but I have a really few like 2 BATs in 1 month by being on BRAVE like 8 hours a day everydays xD)
Please help me !

Bro please check out that ads campaign running in your country

Then check you are using the latest version
Thank you :slight_smile:


Last month 75 ads and since 2 days only one ad and my account grow up only with little small amount like 0.001 BAT without notification ad. :roll_eyes:

I’m from france normaly transparancy is 24 Brave Ads supported.

Version 1.17.73 Chromium: 87.0.4280.67 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Yes I am ! Version1.17.73

You can reset your rewards
I may vanish your bat in your wallet
Create a new wallet then
Thank you

I created a new wallet to not loose the BAT I had and I reset the rewards.
In 2 hours, 0 adds

From which country you belong? ?

France !
Since yesterday I had 4 ads, in 8 hours on brave

@Carbolognaise That’s pretty common; I get less ads than you do.

Dude I get 15-20 ads daily in 2hour using :slight_smile:

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Between all 3 of my devices each set to 5 ads per hour I’ve gotten 128 ads.


J’ai tout simplement l’impression qu’il y’a des vagues de campagne. En novembre j’en avais près de 20 à 30 par jour en ce moment 3 à 5, mais surtout elles se manifestent sous forme d’icone sur la page d’accueil non pas sous la forme de notification.
Je pense que cela dépend des annonceurs

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