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I am looking forward to using your browser, but I think that Rapport is necessary on my banking sites. Can you make it usable?

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What OS and Brave version are you running?


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Hi Steeven: I am running on Windows 10. The Brave version, I am not sure of… I looked under details and it says date modified 7/16/2019 - v0.66.100 Thanks. Randy

We’ll still need some more information about the issue itself – on the IBM Rapport information page, it says that the software will run even when the browser used isn’t supported. What exactly is the issue with Brave and the software?

On all other browsers, when I go to my banks online page, in the far right of the address bar - there is a green square with an arrow in it. When you click on that green square, it says “Protected Site” IBM Rapport.

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So you’re saying that this green square does not appear on your banking website when you visit it in Brave?
Have you tried visiting the site with Shields down?

Opps… Sorry about the personal info. Thanks for editing. Yes, Correct. The green square does not appear on my banking website address bar (it does on all other browsers). I tried it on Brave, with Shields down - and still no green square… Randy

From what I can tell, the extension is supposed to install along with the downloaded application software. However, it does not seem to have done so in Brave. You can install the same extension by way of the Chrome web store, however:

That said, while I did manage to install the extension correctly and the square does appear, it doesn’t seem to be active when browsing. I’ve reached out to some team mates for additional eyes on the issue.

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Thank you. I appreciate your help in this matter. Randy

Hi> Is there any update in regards to the inability to use IBM Security Rapport on Brave browser?

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