Brave Won't Talk To My Bank

Brave will open my financial institution’s page, and I seem to be able to conduct business alright, but when I try to look at my past transactions nothing shows up. My first thought was the bank’s website but Brave is the only Browser this has ever happened with. I love Brave, and come back to it every now and then just to see if this was a common problem that maybe got fixed, but it’s still there and it is the only reason that Brave isn’t my default browser.

Try turning off the “Shield UP this site” by clicking the Brave Lion icon/logo just beside the address bar and see if it fixes the issue. Good luck.

Just my experience. Ad blockers can interfere with websites. I use ublock origin with a number of filter lists enabled in Firefox. Occasionally I have to disable the ad blocker on sites I trust and know are safe, like my bank, to access sensitive information.
@imbrave suggestion make sense as Brave ad blocker, like ublock origin may require to be disabled on secure trusted sites.

I’m a bit unclear about your issue. Are you saying that, if you visit your banking website right now (in Brave) and go to view your past transactions, they won’t display? Or are you saying that, while using Brave, transactions you make don’t go through? That is, if you were to make transactions using Brave and then review past transactions in a different browser (or at your bank), these would not appear?

The first. If I go to my bank’s website everything display fine except the Past Transactions, which don’t show up at all.

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That did the trick! As soon as I turned off Shields Up For This Site the rest of the page showed up!

I can’t thank you enough, and thanks to all the rest of you for your support.

Note that while this did work, it’s likely that only one Shields protection was blocking the content from view (my wager is Device recognition). I bring this up so if you run into a web compatibility issue like this again (for any site), you’ll know that you may not need to disable protections entirely in order to “fix” a site.

I’d highly recommend reading some of the Shields documentation we have for a better understanding of how they effect your browsing experience.

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Thanks Mattches, I’ll do that.

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