Brave not working in banking website

Hi guys , i had some difficulty with the browser on my banking website , . To be honest im not to sure what can be done about it , if anything as im unable to really provide you with proof but i think you might be quite interested in what is happening . In a nutshell I logged into my online banking website ( I normally would use the banking app on my phone ) and i was unable to add a recipient to my recipient list . a recipient is somebody i would need to add in order to send them some money . what was happening was when i added the recipient and saved it , it didnt save all the info ie his banking details . It did however save his name and phone number but for some reason kept losing the banking info . I did try do it 3 times but it just wouldnt do it . I then opened chrome , located the recipient , selected edit , added the banking details . saved it . and then proceeded with the payment . As i say its very difficult to send you proof of this as there is no proof of something that did not actually happen , and there were no errors . Just thought maybe you should be aware of the issue as im guessing it could be a bigger issue with other banks as well


Could you try in a private window or a new profile?
If that works it’s probably some extension or bad cookies interfering. Disable extensions and delete cookies and try again

hi i have no extensions on my browser . ive always battled with extensions and never did find one i wanted that actually worked . but theres definitely no extensions there i even saw adobe tried to sneak one in which i removed imnmediately

heres screenshot

Okay. But does that work in a new profile ?

sorry im not that geared up on the browsers , what is it that you mean new profile , only have the 1 i use all the time . where do io create one

Click on the three horizontal lines / Hamburger Menu near the URL bar → Create a new profile

i dont even have a profile . something has changed for the worse in this browser . i went to to edit a pdf , when i download and open it , its all messed up and things are in the wrong place etc . I downloaded chrome again and idd it there and there was no problem . it seems to me that what ever recent change occurred has made things a bit worse

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