I need help. Please, my phone was reset months ago, can't able to log in due to authenticator issue

I need help. Please, my phone was reset months ago and my authenticator app didn’t able retrieve my 2fa authenticator. Thanks

You mean Brave creators, Uphold / Gemini or something else entirely?

Whenever posting, please make sure to provide clarity on the issue and where is it, you face it.

Im so sorry, its just my 2fa authebticator for my uphold account.
My phone was reset so the authenticator was deleted, now I’m trying to login to my account but i need the 6digit code from the authenticator. Can you please help me on this. Thanks

There’s nothing we or brave can do when it comes to an issue on Uphold’s side. Best to raise a ticket with Uphold directly.
Write a ticket to Uphold at

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