I've reset my phone and I've lost my 2FA

Hi guys, 20 days ago I’ve do the reset my phone without making a backup of my Google Authenticator and now I can’t login into my Brave Publisher account because I don’t have the possibility to generate a new 2FA (2 factor authentication code).
I’ve request to remove the 2FA with the procedure on the Brave Rewards login page “Lost your 2-factor-authentication? We can help.” and I’ve waiting the 14 days.
16 days has passed but I didn’t receive any email with the remove confirm of the 2FA, and if I try now to login, the 2FA is still enable.
Anyone can help me? There’s a a support email to ask for help? Because I’ve made the reset of my 2FA code of Upfold and I’ve resolve only in 2 days!
Thanks, Matteo.

Thanks for reaching out @winkey360.

cc @Asad @cory or @dan_brave for assistance here.

Hi, thanks.
@Asad or @cory you can help me?

Thanks, Matteo

Hi Matteo, I have restored access to your account, please let us know if we can help with anything else. Thanks!

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