2FA Reset Time Increasing

My old phone died and I lost my authenticator. I requested a reset a few days ago and it is supposed to take about 48 hours. It sent me notification emails and counted down the time. At the end of the 48 hours it started saying 2 hours. Then it went to 15 hours. Now 18 hours. What is going on with that?

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Hi @nukelheadmp, welcome to Community!
I’m going to need some more information here. What are you trying to reset? What are you trying to get access to?

@Aa-ron I believe it’s 2FA removal request for creators.brave.com account.

That is correct - it is my creators account with Brave. It seems to have cleared up. I just now tried it again and was able to get in. I have no idea what was going on. Thank you guys for your responses.