Two factor authentication

I am not able to login my Brave account , I lost my authenticator app , and I requested for removal of two factor authentication but it’s gone more then 20 days , 2 factor authentication is not removed.

Tried to mail support team , no response from them

cc @asad @cory for assistance here.

Hi there! I’m looking into the issue. It looks like you first requested the 2fa on May 27th? Have you been canceling the 2fa removal request?

If you click the link in the email it cancels the removal request and you have to wait 14 additional days.

(Also we’re going to be shortening that time to be less than that)

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Yesterday I cancelled it . And requested again.
Because last time i waited around 20 days . Pls make the process fast .

There was a slight bug where the 2-factor authentication wouldn’t cancel after the allotted time. We fixed that and should no longer be an issue anymore.

I went ahead and removed your 2 factor authentication. Please try logging in now.

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Thankyou soo much …

good afternoon my phone was damaged so I can no longer access the codes to enter my account with the system 2-step verification , do not want to lose my account in brave rewards, i asked more than 15 days ago that the 2 step verification was removed but no changes continue to ask me for those codes, please appreciate the help

Hi @FrancescoFC your account should be all set as of now, but if the problem persists please message me and I can assist you personally, thank you!

Hey Dan, I’m having the same issue. New phone, new app, tried to remove 2FA so I can re-enable it but it’s been almost 3 weeks. If you can help it would be awesome. Thank you, have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

@Cryptic_Hybrid do you still see the issue? You can dm me your account e-mail and I can help you out personally. Best,


Hi Dan, thanks for replying. The next day after posting here in the community I tried to log in and 2FA was disabled and I was able to set it back up. So everything works, issue solved. :slight_smile:

Thank! :slight_smile:

Thank you! @Cryptic_Hybrid, happy creating!!

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