Can't login because of 2FA verification

I had made an account about a month ago. And yesterday I reset my phone. Which is why I lost access to my Brave account because I need to do two-step verification which I cannot do since i need the qr-code for starting it. Please help me with what to do. I really need to collect that money since I am making a game. Please help me.

Looping in @Asad for assistance.


Hi @Ishaan19,

This is a common request and we’re working on a systemized way to deal with this problem. We should have updates for you later this week. If you don’t hear back soon, feel free to write me back.

Asad @ Brave

Hi, I know you guys are working hard and I don’t want to annoy you but It has been 11 days now. You asked me to write again if you don’t reply within a week. Please see if there’s a way. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Ishaan19,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any further updates for you at this time. :confused: We will make an announcement once we have a solution to this problem since it is affecting many users right now.

Same problem, halp! :confused:

Same problem, help me! @Asad @LaurenWags

A proposed systematic solution to this problem is allowing users who’ve lost their 2FA to signup for a new publisher account, and then re-verifying their channels/sites on this new account. This will, in effect, pull the channels to the new account, thereby restoring control to the user and avoiding the need to manually override 2FA (which would be a very questionable security practice). Please see to track the development of this issue.

In the meantime, if you are affected, rest assured that your BAT tokens are safe and the balances for each of your channels/sites will be carried over once the proposed solution is implemented.


Hi, I had same problem, but because I dont have a ‘smart’ phone. I got a really helpful reply from them within an hour. The chrome extension worked for me, no need for qr code etc. You just put your phone number in there, it should work even if you already we using a phone app I think.,… here is their reply:

Thanks for reaching out to us. We apologize for this inconvenience, unfortunately, you need to register a phone number on the account and cannot be a home phone number. What you can do is register a cell phone number from non-smart phone, you will need to register this number on the Authy app. If you do not have a smart phone you can download the Authy app to your desktop or Google chrome. Here the steps to download the app.

You can use the desktop version of Authy:

Authy also has a Chrome app that can be installed in any Chrome browser. This provides yet another way to obtain a verification code via your computer.

If you are experiencing issues installing the app, please check the following:

A) i’m having problems installing the Authy App

The following article explains in detail how to setup Authy Two Factor Authentication App for Uphold. No QR code is required to configure Authy, it’s the phone number and email that links Authy to your Uphold account.

I don’t have my 2FA code for the brave payments account connected to my youtube channel. I set up a new brave payments account, but I can’t verify my youtube channel for that account because that channel is already connected to the brave payments account that I don’t have 2FA code for.

My new brave payments account is set up with the email that is actually connected with my youtube channel, and I have my uphold account connected to it already.

My youtube channel was connected to the email that I don’t have 2FA code for back in March, I’m not sure if that was legacy login time or not.

Same issue, waiting for months with no answer

Can login to my brave publishers account because my phone was lost and ask me 6 digit Google 2fa code, and I can’t make a new account and put my websites again because they are linked to the locked account.

There is no solution or answer for months to this issue, can yos guys please help us? There is a lot of people with same problem

Im having the same issue. Need some direction on what to do. : (

If you can login once before you get a new phone, you can click your profile icon top right, go to Security, choose Reconfigure in the “App on your phone” section and then use a different app that backs up MFA like Authy.

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