I lost my 2FA, and did cancelation process of 2FA twice for 2 weeks each! But 2FA still not canceled!

Hello, about month ago, I replaced an insertion on phone and forgot to make the backup copy. So I lost all of my Google Authenticator codes. How can I resume access to my account on Brave Publishers/Rewards?

I did cancelation process of 2FA twice for 2 weeks each, but 2FA still not canceled for now!
Please, help me to resolve this problem. Thanks!


cc @Asad @cory for assistance here


Hi there – we are looking into this issue and will have a fix soon! @cory

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Ok, thanks. I am waiting your reply!

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Hi Roast, could you dm me your e-mail and I will restore access to your account. Thanks!


Hello, I send a private message to you, with my e-mail address)

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Thanks Roast, you should be all set now, best.

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thanks a lot! Now have a problem with connecting of my Uphold account… Can you check it, what is wrong?

@ROAST try disconnecting and reconnecting it back

I have tried to do it about 5 times… It doesn’t help at all.

Upd. The problem was solved by itself day later

Same problem here. I lost my phone and request to disable my 2fa code 16 th may. 14 days are now over and still I cant login to my accout…Any help. Thanks

I am having the same issue. My email is K#####l@####.com I did it once on May 10th 2019 and then when i saw it had not gone thru on May 29th 2019 I did it again. Your automated system for handling this appears to be broken.
Both times I did get the email that said click here to start the process and wait two weeks, and yes I clicked on the button and did receive the screen that said to wait two weeks.

I first lost my codes when my android phone did a complete system update against that wiped out a ton of apps. I was not happy, one of which was super garbage app known as Google Authenticator. I recommend AUTHY as it is so easy to recover when a phone is lost or stone or you move to another number.

Anyhow, I need to get my 2fa REMOVED so I can revalidated and reverify my channels.

thank you.

Hi Kreezxil,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I have restored your account to proper order, please let us know if we can assist you in some other way.


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