I lost my BAT, please help

Hi everyone.
First of all I want to say that I have the latest version of the browser. Today I claimed the last BAT Tokens to reach exactly 25 BAT. So I decided to create and link an Uphold account. But I’m so sad to see that right after I did that my BAT tokens went from 25 to 8.2. In my Uphold account that amount arrived devided in 2 amounts (I can see them in the transactions), respectively of 3.50 and 4.75 BAT tokes. Where are all my tokens that I miss? Did I lose them? I hope not. I need help.

I also have one last question, in order to transfer BAT from my other devices to my Uphold account do I have to reach 25 BAT in each of the device that I use?

Thank you for your time and I hope we can find a solution.

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Guys, after 2 days all of my missing BAT arrived. Problem solved.
Thx anyway. Bye.

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