BAT Rewards lost when linked to Uphold

Hi there

I seem to have lost 34.75 BAT tokens once I connected my browser to uphold. I have the history of receiving the tokens, but they did not transfer to uphold after the link. Can you help?

Todays Logs

Logged at Key Value
01/04/2022, 11:01:43 AM promotion_claimed 34.750000
01/04/2022, 11:01:42 AM wallet_status_change PENDING ==> VERIFIED
01/04/2022, 11:01:42 AM wallet_verified uphold/08ccd
01/04/2022, 11:01:41 AM wallet_status_change NOT_CONNECTED ==> PENDING
01/04/2022, 11:01:41 AM fetch_old_balance 0

The same thing has happened with me too. I had around 0.35 BATs and all got dissapeared.

I synced my pc to the uphold wallet a year ago, and I had no trouble with that and the BATs. But then, in my mobile it was necessary to get 15BAT in order to sync the account with uphold, this month I achieved 15.5 BAT, so I was able to sync my brave account in the mobile with uphold in order to transfer my BAT, I did it successfully, but when checking my account balance I only had (and currently, have) 10.5 BAT which are the ones from the computer, so the ones I got with my mobile during almost a year were gone. How can I fixed that problem? These happened to me on 9th January.

I lost the BAT that I had in my Brave wallet about a year ago (might be off with my time, but a reasonably long time) when linking to my Uphold account, lost interest in the flawed system, disconnected my wallet and stopped checking my wallet. Today I checked accidentally, saw I had 19.something BAT and reconnected to Uphold…
De ja vu!!!
There I lose the BAT in my Brave wallet again and my Wallet reverts to the amount shown in my Uphold account!!!

And it does not really look that these boyos from Brave are addressing these gripes.
Many similar posts with no apparent help from Brave.
Any answer Brave?
Should we stop bothering you with these trivialities?

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