BAT Gone after Verifying over: 110BAT

Hey guys,

Don’t really know what is going on here. For the past year an half I have been using Brave Browser on my laptops. I amassed about 110BAT, which while it isn’t a whole lot it was enough for me to justify moving it off with the cost of fees.

Anyways I went to Uphold through my wallet and created an account, set up the whole 2FA, user, etc. Now I still had all my BAT from when I recall. Anyways, a day or so after verifying I received new BAT rewards for the month 3.905 BAT. Now when I click my Brave rewards icon all of my BAT is missing? Unsure where it has gone.

I have checked the reward system, and it does have all of my rewards going back over a year and half ago. I then checked all of the month statements and no auto-contributions or tips have been made. The browser is currently the latest version and none of my existing BAT has been transferred to or from my Uphold account. It has literally all just vanished. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

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