Lost Bat Rewards Today

Yesterday i had total 10.720 (3.655+3.385+3.750 Respectively) BAT, as i am using Brave Browser in 3 different devices, today when i open my browser, i lost my BAT Rewards from all 3 devices. Showing (0.895+0.970+0.990 Respectively). Why this things are happening again & again its 4th time i lost my BAT Rewards, this time amount is big. It took me whole month to earn that much amount. so please fix this issue as soon as possible. i hope i will get my lost rewards back.

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Same issue here. It’s frustrating. We need answers

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Yes. we need Answers. it’s my third post about missing rewards, but sadly No one from admin level reply us. & i have issue with payment too. i claimed 17.200 BAT but they send me only 10.260 BAT.

How many devices in total have you got linked to Uphold? Do you have older devices that you no longer use that were linked to your uphold account?

I have total 3 devices connected to uphold and i am using all 3 devices.

If you go to Brave://rewards-internals and then go to ‘Contributions’, does it show any contributions (Tips etc) you don’t recognise?

i have disabled that option

I am not asking about what you have enabled or not, I am just wondering if there are any transactions you don’t recognise.

no. I did not make any transaction

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