45 BAT gone missing

It says on the extension that I have 70 BAT
And it says in the reward settings that I have 70 BAT
And the monthly rewards so far are this

However, the uphold account shows only 25 BAT

I don’t know what else I need to include or what could possibly be going on here
so could someone help me?

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Same with me my man but the only difference is i didn’t even received a single bat that month my 19 bat got missing and the support team is the worst, its been 2 months and they are just ignoring this problem. I had a word with @steeven about this and he just told me that they will look into it but its been 2 months and i still didn’t get any response

@steeven if you are reading this then please solve this issue, a lot of us are affected by this

@Kanha please see our DM.

@kravtsov.200439 please DM me the wallet ID for this device.

I have already DM you my wallet ID, please kindly check your DM

Same thing happened to me just today… Yesterday I had around 1.444 for my monthly earnings. I logged in this morning and I’m sitting at .955… not sure what happened.

how long does a response take? I have sent you a DM with required details a week ago

@kravtsov.200439 - I’m not seeing a DM. I’ll send you one now.