I just got scammed right here

I just got scammed here.

I posted a message asking for Wallet help because the send button doesn’t work in the Brave Wallet., or it rejected my Binance address for unknown reasons.

The first replier sent me a PM with a link to their scam ‘customer support’ address which has brave0 in the URL instead of brave. From there, they spent an hour ‘trying to help’ before asking me to ‘plug my wallet in’.

But it wasn’t obvious to me the way the message arrived in this forum display that it was a private message, it looked like it was part of the public thread, which is why I ignored my instincts.

Obviously I feel like an idiot, but it should not be so easy to access victims on this forum.

Also, why did the send button not work? Is this whole Brave thing a setup? Why can an idiot like me send to and from Binance and Abra, but get stumped by Brave? If the send process had just worked, the Eth would be safely back on Binance.

The whole thing was an experiment by me trying to see if Brave is easy to use. I guess you know my answer.


Please delete this. @Saoiray @Aman_M any help you guys can provide ?

@Ataboy Unfortunately, always scammers out there. Always increases during the holidays. There have been announcements by Brave and others here. For example, they still have a topic pinned in this very category you’re posting:

Then someone who posted about scam attempt using the very website you mentioned:



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I mean, it’s Community where anyone can create an account and contact each other. Also, for anyone who searches the forum before posting, you’d also see where Brave links where Users can create official support tickets, which is:

In any case, will tag @Evan123 @steeven @SaltyBanana and @Mattches on this so they are seeing your issue. Not sure how much they can do though, as even when they pin messages and send out warnings to people, everyone ignores it all.


Just FYI. Not doing victim blame game or anything, though I’m sure might seem that way based on how I phrased things. I did pass this along not only by tagging here, but also by trying to tag in and link others on it, suggesting they make ticket system easier to find and all.

Prior posts/comments of mine is showing that it’s a shared blame. Though Brave has at least been putting warnings out, not just here but on Reddit and other places as well. While there are things they can do to better prevent these things, it also does come down to Users making sure to search through information and use a bit of common sense as well.

Even with those two working at their best, there always will be scams that slip through and people fall for. It’s kind of like those spam emails, calls, or texts we all get on a regular basis trying to pretend we won a prize, have a bill to pay, have legal issues, etc.

I guess I just didn’t understand the ecosystem of this forum, being a muggle and not a tech-native.

I just hope the Brave developers are starting to realise that there is something about the UX of this forum that makes it an attack vector to the unsuspecting muggle, who I assume you want as customers in the end.

Also, the wallet stumps people where other wallets do not.

Likewise I’m not blaming you volunteers, this is on me. Just posting in the hope developers will be able to figure out how to reduce incidence.


Hi @Ataboy, I’m so sorry this happened. Can you post here or DM the username of who reached out to you so that I can be sure and properly suspend.

We will continue to discuss as a team better ways to prevent this type of fraud from happening on the community forum.

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As brave wallet has refined itself quite a bit and users have started using it along with Metamask and Phantom, the scams have started.

Usually metamask is the most notorious for scammers. Just go on twitter and type ‘Metamask need help’ and you will get 100 replies.
Same thing will start happening when brave wallet or brave browser is mentioned on twitter or telegram (but telegram and twitter are out of hand for brave as they have no control over it).

On brave community forum (powered by discourse) brave users can PM/DM each other and brave admin (vice-versa).
Such direct messages are important as some stuff may contain private info which needs to be brought to the attention of brave support (like uphold ID, brave wallet address etc).

Possible solution to stop such scams on this very forum itself will be to restrict the DM functionality. Outright restricting will be not good as it is quite important as stated above.
There is not enough need for user-to-user DM’s as most interactions happen public and issues are solved in public by ‘volunteers’. There are quite less reason (or none) to have user-to-user DM’s unless they are doing it for fun chatting.

So, make changes so that DM’s can be done only between users and admins (leaders as they are called) and not between users-to-users. In this new feature the interaction between user and admin can be started from both sides and ended from both sides.

I think my solution is pretty good. Also, can someone find out user-to-user DM are allowed on metamask communtiy forum (discourse, same case as brave) https://community.metamask.io/c/support/5

Do send one of the etherscan links to see how this alleged scammer moved around the funds.
We can potentially find out like we did with this user.

The scammers user names were:


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Thank you @Ataboy, they have been banned.

What is etherscan? Will my Brave Wallet address do?

Sadly, one of the bugs in the wallet meant I could not use that little clipboard button either

Any time cryptocurrency is moved, it leaves behind a trace. If you’ve ever sent a package with tracking, then you’re know how it works. Etherscan is one of the places that tracks each transaction, to see where it ends up.

It can, but it’s not the best way to look it up. Looking at what you shared, we see:

Meaning it seems had about 0.8 Ether removed from your account, going to 0xD590484af5E32976D1119FFFf306D98B321621c9

Then you just keep hopping and tracking, to an extent.

Did you use the Optimism network? Did the hacker stole your Eth from optimism network? Did you approixmately have 0.8 ETH (around 1000$) in your wallet?

If so, then

Here, it looks like it is just sitting in his wallet. He has not moved ‘his’ funds.

He might also done similar scam (might not be related to brave) to another person on BSC network

Do, contact law enforcement (police) if you wish to get the money back.

Edit:- Saoiray already replied before me, while I was typing.

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Ok thanks, I used my camera to lift the address and found the optimistic etherscan thing. So I assume it will move fast. But can I make this guys life difficuult in any way?

Is it on Binance? Should I contact them?

Law enforcement will do nothing for that low sum.

Yes it was via Optimism, that is the correct sum

In this case, I think a scammer posted a fake link to "support" and stole my seed phrase - #16 by chh_68, the scammer transferred it directly to binance without ‘washing it’ or ‘mixing it’.

Your case is different, here it is just sitting in the wallet. He has to move the funds to a centralized exchange like Coinbase. Then, you can figure it out via use of police.

Law enforcement will do nothing for that low sum.

True to some extent, but 1000$ is not that a low sum of money.
But do notify them, if you wish to notify them.

They might scale your request with chainanalysis (https://www.chainalysis.com/) and might possibly find him. If they are still unable to find him, then atleast his address (0x59048) will be permanently in record of police and not only local police but international police via chainanalysis.

(My above comment is just opinion, it might not happen the way I am talking about. I am not a lawyer, nor an expert)

Ok thanks for the advice, I’ll keep an eye on it, and try the police just in case they’re taking an interest in tracing crypto thieves!