My transaction didn't show in my wallet

Hello, nubi here, please be gentle,

I purchased some BAT using RAMP
My transaction status page clearly shows the transaction was sent to correct wallet ID.
My Wallet has not received the transaction made yesterday.

Any help appreciated,

Many thanks

The link posted by @Michael6 is a scam. Please don’t open it.

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PLEASE, PLEASE, do not click the link above. It is a SCAM.

Are you speaking about Brave Wallet? You may need to add the token manually. And ensure you select the correct network, the one you used to transfer it.

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Sorry, I flagged your comment by mistake. I wanted to flag the comment above :open_mouth:

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Lol. No problem. Hope someone looks into this and catches such scammers!

You mught need to add it in visible assets.


I clicked the link and gave my 12 word phrase,

Now what FFS

I am afraid that there’s nothing you can do. I guess, my best shot would be to move them to another wallet / exchange. @hub @SaltyBanana any advice ?

@Nomisworrub Main thing to remember is never to give your seed phrase to anyone. Not even Support for any place will ever need to ask you for a seed phrase. Doing that is basically like signing ownership over to someone and saying you don’t want it anymore.

Of course, paying attention to site names and links also is important. For example, does sound like a legitimate link? Brave uses .com for their things and is

And in terms of what you can do if been tricked and given away info, there’s not a lot of options. You can go to law enforcement to report it, you can track the tx of anything they sent to see where it goes, can try to contact the exchanges where the money was sent so they can investigate, etc but recovering funds is incredibly difficult. This is especially true when funds are usually sent through a lot of places and then eventually withdrawn from hacked or stolen accounts or converted to things like gift cards or other items.

Lastly, and maybe more important, it’s always suggested you actually read through websites before you do anything. Like if you had looked here at the Brave Wallet category, you would have seen NOTICE: Brave will NEVER ask for your private Wallet data/keys which would have been a warning for you. It’s pinned at the top of the category.

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@Saoiray well that makes me feel a whole lot better, thanks for that. I suppose though I have learnt a lesson. However I think I may have dodged a bullet. When I was asked to share the 12 word key I was asked to enter it into the and click on share, But it came up with an error message saying that it was unsuccessful. I then talked to the scammer on chat and they said that there wasn’t enough in the wallet??
I only spent £6 on some BAT just to start learning how to trade so no big bucks have been lost and it also looks like my wallet hasn’t been compromised.

All this however still leaves me with the original problem, that I have purchased BAT and it is still not showing in my wallet?

so can anybody help on the original question please.

I would immediately transfer any funds to a fresh wallet. Do not deposit any new funds to this wallet.

Have you confirmed with Ramp support that a successful deposit was made?

Let me know if you have any questions on creating a new wallet.

Thank you

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@Nomisworrub has created a new wallet and funds are transferred and safe. Thanks everyone!