Scammer alert, users posing as brave support

They’re users in this forum sending messages to users pretending to Barve support, they give you fake ticket and direct you to support.brave0[dot]com/


@Struct Thanks for sharing. Just a FYI, things like this have already been announced here multiple times.

@Struct Also, if you recently were contacted by anyone, please make sure you report it to Brave. You can DM Mattches or any of the official support so they can investigate and take action.

send message for new users while signing up

Note that I’ve edited the OP here so that that link doesn’t actually work. @Saoiray while we did make a topic/warning about this, this is a new website afaik. Looks very convincing initially as the landing page looks nearly identical to our help center page, but any all links appear to take you to a “customer support chat” conversation.

If you’re reading this do not submit any information to anyone on this page, nor should you visit the page at all. Also worth noting that we do not have a live chat service active on our Help Center at this time.


Yeah, I know different site. They come and go. Just like how there was a point of bravé.com that had appeared before, where the e was different. Definitely will always be clone sites. I just was pointing out idea of some notices went out, appreciated on letting know of current issue, then emphasizing importance of making sure to reach out to Support with names or so of anyone contacting and directing to these fake sites.

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