Any chance to recover funds?

I agreed to pay someone up front to teach a class, but it turns out the person I paid was an imposter. I read it might be possible to recover the lost funds, if you contact your exchange. Is Brave able to do that?

@hub would you please take a look. Thanks.

@lelia.azelia , I’m very sorry that this happened to you but we cannot recover your funds as it has been sent on chain and we do not have access to anyone’s funds.

We also don’t run an exchange. We offer self custodial wallets which means that the user controls the wallet and not any institution.

Hey, is it possible that they could keep tracking with the transaction id and if it goes to a exchange, they have some chance of recovering the funds? Since exchanges require to do KYC. If I remember correctly this happened earlier where @Chocoholic I guess and @Aman_M were quick to point something similar

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They can try reach out to that exchange but even for the exchange to hold them funds on behalf of the victim, it will be tough. But they should definitely reach out though, in my opinion.


@lelia.azelia I guess the post below could be helpful for you to understand about what could be done. →

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